Wednesday, 2 March 2016

Cleanliness Drive

Amity University is organizing a Cleanliness Drive with an NGO on 06th of March 2016. Certificates will be issued to the students who will take participate in this drive. For further details and knowledge click on the picture attached and contact to the numbers provided #‎SwachBharatAbhiyaan‬

- Gaurav

#Destiny & #Karma

So here is what I think for those who blame destiny for not being there for them. Being a #destiny believer I really believe that #destiny or #karma will only help you when you will co-operate with yourself. We can't just blame the destiny for that, for not being there when we needed it.

For ex. - if you want to earn money you have to go to the job, you have to work through the shift and then you have to wait for your salary to get credit to you account. You can't just lie on your couch holding you coffee mug and ask the #destiny to go to the job at your place. You have to move your ass to get money if you want to survive.

A beggar moves here and there to earn some money. At least we are better than a beggar that we have skill, knowledge, power and ability to earn money without begging in front of anyone or moving here and there.

So utilize the gift GOD has provided to you/us. Not everyone is lucky to be on internet to read this post. You have the capability to earn money and use internet. So keep the ability to do something really good and stop blaming the #destiny or #karma because you write your own #karma and you make your own #destiny.

- Gaurav