Wednesday, 8 June 2016

It's Simple...

The fact for a happy life is to be careless and carefree with the one you care the most. As per my experience, if the person you care about is happy or smiling because you are around him/her then yes you have achieved something in your life. You have the ability, the capability and the caliber to make someone happy, to succeed in your life.

It was just today. I was out with the most beautiful girl of the world. She was little irritated, little frustrated and completely exhausted because of the "Dilli Ki Garmi" and because of her hotness too. When we met I saw the spark on her face, the spark that can energize me completely. But I can also see the frustration on her face which was only visible to me. She can hide everything from the world but not from me. I knew at that particular moment that I have to fix what's disturbed. The "funda" was simple, make her smile and make her laugh and everything will be at its place as its meant to be. And that's exactly what I did. She was laughing and smiling and I was standing there, listening to her, talking to her, watching her smile.

I was feeling blessed to be there to be able to make an angle smile. I feel so proud to be that person who can make her smile, make her laugh doesn't matter how bad the situation is. So its that "Simple". Just make them laugh, make them happy who matters the most to you and everything will be as its meant to be.

PS - Parents are always the first priority. It doesn't matter we are taking their names or not, its already been mentioned in our heart. :)


Wednesday, 2 March 2016

Cleanliness Drive

Amity University is organizing a Cleanliness Drive with an NGO on 06th of March 2016. Certificates will be issued to the students who will take participate in this drive. For further details and knowledge click on the picture attached and contact to the numbers provided #‎SwachBharatAbhiyaan‬

- Gaurav

#Destiny & #Karma

So here is what I think for those who blame destiny for not being there for them. Being a #destiny believer I really believe that #destiny or #karma will only help you when you will co-operate with yourself. We can't just blame the destiny for that, for not being there when we needed it.

For ex. - if you want to earn money you have to go to the job, you have to work through the shift and then you have to wait for your salary to get credit to you account. You can't just lie on your couch holding you coffee mug and ask the #destiny to go to the job at your place. You have to move your ass to get money if you want to survive.

A beggar moves here and there to earn some money. At least we are better than a beggar that we have skill, knowledge, power and ability to earn money without begging in front of anyone or moving here and there.

So utilize the gift GOD has provided to you/us. Not everyone is lucky to be on internet to read this post. You have the capability to earn money and use internet. So keep the ability to do something really good and stop blaming the #destiny or #karma because you write your own #karma and you make your own #destiny.

- Gaurav

Friday, 29 January 2016

Childhood (Bachpan)...

How many of you remember your childhood? I guess everyone has a memory of his/her childhood. Some have good, some have best, some have worst. I also have my childhood memories. The memories which I will cherish for my whole life. The memory of making friends, the memory of getting new clothes, the memory of stealing sweets from the kitchen while Maa is making them, the memory of getting first bicycle, the memory of getting scolded by Dad for not completing my homework, the memory of freedom-careless life, the memory of getting loved by family, the memory of getting an A-grade in each subject and showing it to the parents, the memory of celebrating birthday in school by going to each and every class and giving toffees to teachers and distributing it in the classroom and so many more.

We all will have these memories I hope. But do you ever thought that what will be the memories of those children who are orphans, who are forced to work at a roadside or highway restaurants or “dhabaas”. Who actually don’t have anyone at their side so that they can be loved by anyone or celebrate their birthdays or go to school! Ever wonder how hard it will be for them to live in this world surviving alone, working hard so that he can have a loaf of bread to feed his family and to feed himself too.

They are some special children whom God chooses to give this type of life because not everyone has the capability to live like this. Living in hell but still dreaming for the best.  They actually want a good life but can’t afford because of their “karma” and the past works of their families.

They too deserve the equal treatment which we are affording, but the only difference between them and us is that they are earning for themselves at the age of dreaming and having golden memories of childhood and we used to demand things that we want at any cost, never thinking about how Dad will manage to give me that thing, but demanding it at any cost.

I pray for those children who are unable to fulfil their dreams because they are bound to that thing in this life. And I will ask you all to join hands and help poor children so that they too can be able to dream and fulfil their dreams instead of working and living in hell at the age of living in paradise and making golden memories of it. Look around yourself and help a child and suggest everyone to do so. By helping one you will make yourself and your surrounding to help thousands…


Sunday, 17 January 2016

People Around You

Sometimes I really wonder that how this world works. Then suddenly I got realized by those stupid dumb people who are there to make the misfortune work as our destiny saying, "What you are up to is not gonna work because its written by GOD and no one can change that thing."
I mean bullshit. Does this really makes sense. We will create our own future by our present that's what I believe and work for. ‪#‎IAmMyWord‬‪#‎IAmMyKarma‬
The thing which has to happen will happen anyhow and that's true. But saying this that you don't need to try to change it doesn't make any sense. So try to be ‪#‎prcactical‬ to think ‪#‎logical‬ and to be ‪#‎sensible‬.

Its upon us that how we want ourselves to be. It doesn't depend on others and it should never be about others. If you are okay with something then you should have to be like being on that point to prove yourself right. Someone's view should not change your point of view. Otherwise you will not be living your life, you will be living a part in your life governed by others. 

So what I am trying to say is don't focus that much in the PEOPLE AROUND YOU. look at them, listen to what they say, grasp the good points and leave the worthless points, and live your life at extreme..


Tuesday, 3 November 2015


Hello Delhiites… Want some BOO-ZE! Want some rocking DJ dance floor! Want some awesome fun that you will never forget! Then what are you waiting for… “TRASH ENTERTAINMENT” is presenting “ELECTRO-QUAKE 1.0” on Nov.07th 2015 from 1300 hours(01:00pm) onwards. The venue for this event is “LIQUOR HOUSE, ANGEL MEGA MALL, KAUSHAMBI”. And boys if you are willing to reserve a table for you and your girlfriend then let me inform you, you can pre-reserve your table*.

All the club rules must be adopted and there is no dress code. Your presence will be the biggest code of honor.

Entry for girls is free of cost i.e. no charges for the beautiful and gorgeous girls with their hot and sexy avatar.

Entry for boys is 400 bucks i.e. 400 INR. So boys keep your hands tight till this mega event. Because you never know what can happen at these amazing events.

Entry for couples is as per above. Girls – No charges, Boys – 400 INR.

*Reserve your tables. Only early callers can get the chance.

For any further details, contact the organizers(Call or Whatsapp)–  

Mrinal - +91-8800115105
Himanshu - +91-9958986892

Ayush - +91-8057941334

PS : Come and take advantage of the facilities, because this is going to be BIG!

 Pass for the event.
Poster of the event.

Friday, 23 October 2015

Trip of Friendship...

If you are blessed with some best friends like I have, then you need nothing else to survive this world(except the really one, the world for you). Yesterday I was on a trip with my best friends and nothing in the world was paining us for these two days. We were planning these kind of trips since our school days but finally we are experiencing the terms and the fun in our college life. And going with friends, planning a trip is the best thing you can ever do in your life.

We went to Agra, a city of Uttar Pradesh(U.P) basically known as the home town of the one of the 7 Wonders of the World, "Taj Mahal". And obviously we went to Taj Mahal. The place was so crowded that it was looking like bees in their hives.

That day there were approx 40,000 peoples. And they all were from different corners of India as well as other countries of the world. I was saying to my friends that "We came to see Taj in our own country but it feels like we are standing in a foreign country." Because there were so many foreign people visiting the Taj. And we saw whole Agra in 1 hour because of the Dusshera festival. People of the city were on the roads with so loud music that it was almost impossible to hear the voice of a person standing next to you.

So basically we saw the foreign countries and Agra both in a single day.

Today we went to Sikandra known as the tomb of the greatest ruler Akbar.
Knowledge Fact - Akbar started the construction of his own tomb at 1602 but he died in 1605 and he got buried in his tomb by his son Jahangir. Jahangir then took the charge of the kingdom and completed his father's tomb in 1613.

I am sharing some of the photographs that I have clicked during my travelling. And as I said having best friends with your side can make any trip AWESOME as it can never be going by yourself. So gather somewhere and plan a trip with your friends because you live only once and you can't afford of regretting your life for not doing any thing adventurous.

- Gaurav