Tuesday, 3 November 2015


Hello Delhiites… Want some BOO-ZE! Want some rocking DJ dance floor! Want some awesome fun that you will never forget! Then what are you waiting for… “TRASH ENTERTAINMENT” is presenting “ELECTRO-QUAKE 1.0” on Nov.07th 2015 from 1300 hours(01:00pm) onwards. The venue for this event is “LIQUOR HOUSE, ANGEL MEGA MALL, KAUSHAMBI”. And boys if you are willing to reserve a table for you and your girlfriend then let me inform you, you can pre-reserve your table*.

All the club rules must be adopted and there is no dress code. Your presence will be the biggest code of honor.

Entry for girls is free of cost i.e. no charges for the beautiful and gorgeous girls with their hot and sexy avatar.

Entry for boys is 400 bucks i.e. 400 INR. So boys keep your hands tight till this mega event. Because you never know what can happen at these amazing events.

Entry for couples is as per above. Girls – No charges, Boys – 400 INR.

*Reserve your tables. Only early callers can get the chance.

For any further details, contact the organizers(Call or Whatsapp)–  

Mrinal - +91-8800115105
Himanshu - +91-9958986892

Ayush - +91-8057941334

PS : Come and take advantage of the facilities, because this is going to be BIG!

 Pass for the event.
Poster of the event.

Friday, 23 October 2015

Trip of Friendship...

If you are blessed with some best friends like I have, then you need nothing else to survive this world(except the really one, the world for you). Yesterday I was on a trip with my best friends and nothing in the world was paining us for these two days. We were planning these kind of trips since our school days but finally we are experiencing the terms and the fun in our college life. And going with friends, planning a trip is the best thing you can ever do in your life.

We went to Agra, a city of Uttar Pradesh(U.P) basically known as the home town of the one of the 7 Wonders of the World, "Taj Mahal". And obviously we went to Taj Mahal. The place was so crowded that it was looking like bees in their hives.

That day there were approx 40,000 peoples. And they all were from different corners of India as well as other countries of the world. I was saying to my friends that "We came to see Taj in our own country but it feels like we are standing in a foreign country." Because there were so many foreign people visiting the Taj. And we saw whole Agra in 1 hour because of the Dusshera festival. People of the city were on the roads with so loud music that it was almost impossible to hear the voice of a person standing next to you.

So basically we saw the foreign countries and Agra both in a single day.

Today we went to Sikandra known as the tomb of the greatest ruler Akbar.
Knowledge Fact - Akbar started the construction of his own tomb at 1602 but he died in 1605 and he got buried in his tomb by his son Jahangir. Jahangir then took the charge of the kingdom and completed his father's tomb in 1613.

I am sharing some of the photographs that I have clicked during my travelling. And as I said having best friends with your side can make any trip AWESOME as it can never be going by yourself. So gather somewhere and plan a trip with your friends because you live only once and you can't afford of regretting your life for not doing any thing adventurous.

- Gaurav

Saturday, 17 October 2015

Its you...

It's almost 6 in the morning and I can't just go to bed and sleep silently. Because there's something missing. Something very important, and its you baby. You are the one who is missing. I have plugged my headphones and have heard from "Enrique" to "Arijit". And each and every song describes you.

You are one hell of an amazing thing that has ever happened to me and my life. I Miss You because there is no me without you. I have missed my sleep so many nights spending staring my laptop's screen.

I just wanna be in your arms. So calm and gentle your hand waving through my hairs and leaving peace in my mind.

It's you, you and you that is my life. Nothing else was and nothing else can ever be. It's just you... #D

- Gaurav

Saturday, 15 August 2015


Happy Independence Day everyone.
I, Gaurav Jain, on this auspicious day of our country do solemnly take an oath that I will serve my country, our mother land with all my guts and power to make it a better place to live.

Hearing Independence pop ups the very first question in my mind. What is independence? Am I independent? Was I an independent person when I was born? Do I ever become an independent person? These questions make me go crazy about finding the answers. The answer which came is NO. I am not independent and no one is independent.

Though our country is independent but the people living in this country are not independent. They are stuck and captured in their minds. They are in the jail of their own thoughts. People are stuck with the "Oh! What will the society say" thing,  Even when someone tries to break that boundary and get free the good people of the society slaps them with a mark of "YOU ARE LIVING IN A SOCIETY".

In my views I was never independent. I am captured since the time I was born. Neither do you and your family. If we really want to get independent and free we first have to set our mind and our thoughts free.

There is freedom in this country with constitutional rights like R.T.I and all but there is no Right To Inform or get Informed.

Politicians say we serve you and we are your servants, but they suck every single drop of blood from us as their salary. If we want to get freedom then we have to set ourselves free first and then the others who are trying to escape from the SOCIETY trap.

Jai Hind - Jai Bharat - Jai Aazadi

- Gaurav


And it was like yesterday when I met this girl. It was like I had never felt, never so calm, so beautiful, so intense, so silent. It was her presence and some drops of the rain on my cheeks that was giving me goose bumps. She was all wet in her dress, her black amazing onepiece gown. We walked and walked and walked all the streets holding hands and laughing and appreciating each others beauty. But she deserves more compliments than I was giving her.

It was raining very loud and rough that day. We both love raining and so we were on the streets enjoying the lovely weather hands in hands. I looked in her eyes. They were so calm, so full of love and so kindness that I can see my whole world in that. I then decided in a sudden that she is the one for me and I have to become the one for her.

That was the day I found my love and my likes and dislikes grew with the things she likes or dislikes.

She has become my inspiration and motive for writing, Yes she is the one I am making changes and making differences in myself. The rain, the touch, the drops, the laugh, the smell, all these things are in my life making a difference in my vision for the world. A good and lovely world with her.


Thursday, 13 August 2015



Hey everyone. My name is Gaurav Jain. I am pursuing B.Tech 3rd Year in CSE Branch. This is my first post so I thought why don't make this simple and introductive. 

I am a poet, a writer, guitarist, member of a band (SAANJH), and a boy from a small city with high aims and dreams(I know this line always works. Yeah!.) 

I am just starting my writing and I am looking forward for the social and national issues to put them infront of the society. 

Lets get connected socially as it will be a lot of fun then and share your vies and thoughts through comments.. Please....

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