Saturday, 15 August 2015


Happy Independence Day everyone.
I, Gaurav Jain, on this auspicious day of our country do solemnly take an oath that I will serve my country, our mother land with all my guts and power to make it a better place to live.

Hearing Independence pop ups the very first question in my mind. What is independence? Am I independent? Was I an independent person when I was born? Do I ever become an independent person? These questions make me go crazy about finding the answers. The answer which came is NO. I am not independent and no one is independent.

Though our country is independent but the people living in this country are not independent. They are stuck and captured in their minds. They are in the jail of their own thoughts. People are stuck with the "Oh! What will the society say" thing,  Even when someone tries to break that boundary and get free the good people of the society slaps them with a mark of "YOU ARE LIVING IN A SOCIETY".

In my views I was never independent. I am captured since the time I was born. Neither do you and your family. If we really want to get independent and free we first have to set our mind and our thoughts free.

There is freedom in this country with constitutional rights like R.T.I and all but there is no Right To Inform or get Informed.

Politicians say we serve you and we are your servants, but they suck every single drop of blood from us as their salary. If we want to get freedom then we have to set ourselves free first and then the others who are trying to escape from the SOCIETY trap.

Jai Hind - Jai Bharat - Jai Aazadi

- Gaurav


And it was like yesterday when I met this girl. It was like I had never felt, never so calm, so beautiful, so intense, so silent. It was her presence and some drops of the rain on my cheeks that was giving me goose bumps. She was all wet in her dress, her black amazing onepiece gown. We walked and walked and walked all the streets holding hands and laughing and appreciating each others beauty. But she deserves more compliments than I was giving her.

It was raining very loud and rough that day. We both love raining and so we were on the streets enjoying the lovely weather hands in hands. I looked in her eyes. They were so calm, so full of love and so kindness that I can see my whole world in that. I then decided in a sudden that she is the one for me and I have to become the one for her.

That was the day I found my love and my likes and dislikes grew with the things she likes or dislikes.

She has become my inspiration and motive for writing, Yes she is the one I am making changes and making differences in myself. The rain, the touch, the drops, the laugh, the smell, all these things are in my life making a difference in my vision for the world. A good and lovely world with her.


Thursday, 13 August 2015



Hey everyone. My name is Gaurav Jain. I am pursuing B.Tech 3rd Year in CSE Branch. This is my first post so I thought why don't make this simple and introductive. 

I am a poet, a writer, guitarist, member of a band (SAANJH), and a boy from a small city with high aims and dreams(I know this line always works. Yeah!.) 

I am just starting my writing and I am looking forward for the social and national issues to put them infront of the society. 

Lets get connected socially as it will be a lot of fun then and share your vies and thoughts through comments.. Please.... - Facebook - Twitter - Hotmail