Wednesday, 8 June 2016

It's Simple...

The fact for a happy life is to be careless and carefree with the one you care the most. As per my experience, if the person you care about is happy or smiling because you are around him/her then yes you have achieved something in your life. You have the ability, the capability and the caliber to make someone happy, to succeed in your life.

It was just today. I was out with the most beautiful girl of the world. She was little irritated, little frustrated and completely exhausted because of the "Dilli Ki Garmi" and because of her hotness too. When we met I saw the spark on her face, the spark that can energize me completely. But I can also see the frustration on her face which was only visible to me. She can hide everything from the world but not from me. I knew at that particular moment that I have to fix what's disturbed. The "funda" was simple, make her smile and make her laugh and everything will be at its place as its meant to be. And that's exactly what I did. She was laughing and smiling and I was standing there, listening to her, talking to her, watching her smile.

I was feeling blessed to be there to be able to make an angle smile. I feel so proud to be that person who can make her smile, make her laugh doesn't matter how bad the situation is. So its that "Simple". Just make them laugh, make them happy who matters the most to you and everything will be as its meant to be.

PS - Parents are always the first priority. It doesn't matter we are taking their names or not, its already been mentioned in our heart. :)


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