Friday, 29 January 2016

Childhood (Bachpan)...

How many of you remember your childhood? I guess everyone has a memory of his/her childhood. Some have good, some have best, some have worst. I also have my childhood memories. The memories which I will cherish for my whole life. The memory of making friends, the memory of getting new clothes, the memory of stealing sweets from the kitchen while Maa is making them, the memory of getting first bicycle, the memory of getting scolded by Dad for not completing my homework, the memory of freedom-careless life, the memory of getting loved by family, the memory of getting an A-grade in each subject and showing it to the parents, the memory of celebrating birthday in school by going to each and every class and giving toffees to teachers and distributing it in the classroom and so many more.

We all will have these memories I hope. But do you ever thought that what will be the memories of those children who are orphans, who are forced to work at a roadside or highway restaurants or “dhabaas”. Who actually don’t have anyone at their side so that they can be loved by anyone or celebrate their birthdays or go to school! Ever wonder how hard it will be for them to live in this world surviving alone, working hard so that he can have a loaf of bread to feed his family and to feed himself too.

They are some special children whom God chooses to give this type of life because not everyone has the capability to live like this. Living in hell but still dreaming for the best.  They actually want a good life but can’t afford because of their “karma” and the past works of their families.

They too deserve the equal treatment which we are affording, but the only difference between them and us is that they are earning for themselves at the age of dreaming and having golden memories of childhood and we used to demand things that we want at any cost, never thinking about how Dad will manage to give me that thing, but demanding it at any cost.

I pray for those children who are unable to fulfil their dreams because they are bound to that thing in this life. And I will ask you all to join hands and help poor children so that they too can be able to dream and fulfil their dreams instead of working and living in hell at the age of living in paradise and making golden memories of it. Look around yourself and help a child and suggest everyone to do so. By helping one you will make yourself and your surrounding to help thousands…


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