Sunday, 17 January 2016

People Around You

Sometimes I really wonder that how this world works. Then suddenly I got realized by those stupid dumb people who are there to make the misfortune work as our destiny saying, "What you are up to is not gonna work because its written by GOD and no one can change that thing."
I mean bullshit. Does this really makes sense. We will create our own future by our present that's what I believe and work for. ‪#‎IAmMyWord‬‪#‎IAmMyKarma‬
The thing which has to happen will happen anyhow and that's true. But saying this that you don't need to try to change it doesn't make any sense. So try to be ‪#‎prcactical‬ to think ‪#‎logical‬ and to be ‪#‎sensible‬.

Its upon us that how we want ourselves to be. It doesn't depend on others and it should never be about others. If you are okay with something then you should have to be like being on that point to prove yourself right. Someone's view should not change your point of view. Otherwise you will not be living your life, you will be living a part in your life governed by others. 

So what I am trying to say is don't focus that much in the PEOPLE AROUND YOU. look at them, listen to what they say, grasp the good points and leave the worthless points, and live your life at extreme..


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